BASI Testing

The BASI™ Test

We offer BASI™ testing to our students as well as any other students in Brevard and surrounding counties in the fall, spring, and summer. Although testing is not required for students enrolled with Christian Prep, it can be a useful tool. This test can help you to evaluate your childs strengths and weaknesses. It can also help you to choose the correct curricula for your child.

This Test is NOT Common Core Aligned!

The Basic Achievement Skills Inventory (BASI) is a six part comprehensive test so that parents and administrators can understand a person’s skill level in:

  • Vocabulary: assesses the ability to identify the meaning of words within the context of a sentence, recognize synonyms and antonyms, analyze verbal analogies, and recognize the meaning of words presented in isolation.
  • Spelling: assesses the ability to identify correctly spelled and misspelled words, and sight words, commonly misspelled words, and word with affixes.
  • Language Mechanics: measures knowledge of various grammar and syntax rules, including capitalization, punctuation, verb forms, and tense agreement.
  • Reading Comprehension: assesses the ability to read and understand passages in order to answer questions about the Main Idea, sequence of events, and setting. Literal comprehension questions assess inferential comprehension skills such as identifying cause and effect relationships, predicting outcomes, and drawing valid conclusions.
  • Math Computation: assesses the application of the four basic arithmetic operations to whole numbers, fractions, and decimals and the ability to simplify numerical expressions and algebraic equations.
  • Math Application: measures ability to solve mathematical word problems using all the basic arithmetic operations (PEMDAS), to read and interpret data presented in graphs or tables, to solve problems involving the measurement of shapes and volumes, and to demonstrate knowledge of measurement principles as they relate to length, weight, volume, perimeter, and money.

The BASI is applicable for ages 8 through 80.  It was designed to convenience of use.  Testing time is relatively brief, and the approximate two-hour administration time for all six subtests compares favorably to those for many comprehensive achievement test (e.g. SAT, ACT).

The BASI can be used in the following manner:

  • Help identify appropriate education programming [especially for parents who Home School their student] and thereby improve learning:
    • Diagnose learning disabilities in reading, written expression, and math
    • Design appropriate instructional plans and learning interventions
    • Evaluate students for gifted programs
    • Place college students
    • Make literacy, ESL, GED®, and other placement decisions for adult learners
  • Help ensure success in government-mandated testing programs:
    • Evaluate student progress during a school year or over several years {There are BASI test: A and B. Test A is given first, and then at the end of a school year, Test B is administered to demonstrate improvement or regression in academics.
    • Practice for or predict performance on a high stakes test (ACT, SAT, TOFL)
    • Efficiently complete triennial evaluations for students with an IEP or 504 plan
  • Help realize the general benefits of an accurate assessment of educations achievement:
    • Identify a child’s or adult’s academic strengths and weaknesses
    • Compare performance to a national average
    • Aid in career planning

Sample list of test topics. This will vary by grade level.


  • Meaning, context, idioms
  • Similar words, synonyms, antonyms
  • Prefixes, suffixes, roots
  • Verbal analogies


  • Prefixes and suffixes
  • Commonly misspelled words
  • Spelling rules

Language Mechanics

  • Nouns, pronouns, articles
  • Subject/verb agreement
  • Adjectives, adverbs
  • Double negatives
  • Capitalization
  • Internal punctuation
  • Ending punctuation

Reading Comprehension

    • Plot, main idea, topic sentence
    • Order of events, steps in processes
    • Relevant details
    • Written directions
    • Theme, plot elements
    • Cause, effect
    • Probable cause
    • Inferences, conclusions
    • Purpose, technique, tone
    • Fact, opinion, persuasion, bias
    • Figurative language

Math Computation

  • Whole numbers
  • Fractions
  • Decimals, order of operations (PEMDAS), percents
  • Integers, absolute value
  • Algebra

Math Application

  • Whole numbers, money
  • Fractions, proportions
  • Decimals & percent
  • Word problems
  • Measurement:
    • Length
    • Weight
    • Perimeter/Area
  • Algebra, graphs, tables
  • Algebra
  • Statistics, probability
  • Geometry
  • Word problems, exponents

The cost for testing:

$60 for Christian Prep Families

$75 for Non-Christian Prep Families